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Tuesday, 2019-05-21
Main » 2010 » January » 15 » Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (64bit)
6:45 PM
Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (64bit)

This product is available only as part of Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, it is not traded as a separate program. It is currently the only 64-bit virus protection solution offered by Symantec.

Browsing the list of Symantec products you do not find software designed for 64-bit systems. Setting out from another direction, there is a 64-bit product support part in the list of virus updates. After some searching, it turns out that there is a Symantec’s 64-bit virus protection solution under the name AntiVirus for 64-Bit Windows Clients and it is part of the AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10 program suite. This virus protection is not a full native 64-bit solution, it is mainly comprised of 32-bit code, and only the parts at system depth are written in 64-bit code. The former, number 9 AntiVirus Corporate Edition also contains a 64-bit client, but this can be installed only in AMD processor environments. The current program does not show up among the setup options automatically started from the CD; the setup can be found in the SAVWin64 directory. Interface and design of the software bears a puritanical resemblance to the end of the Win95 and the beginning of the Win98 era. A well-designed interface was not a point here, the software is mostly used by IT experts and other viewpoints take priority here. The program provides for virus protection everywhere where it can be installed, as a matter of course, not only in corporate environment.

Key Features

* Allows advanced, enterprise-wide virus protection and monitoring from a single management console. 
* Real-time scanning capabilities automatically detects and removes spyware that attempts to run or install on a machine. 
* Effectively protects from spyware and adware.

Key Benefits:

* Microsoft Windows Vista support. 
* Symantec tamper protection guards against unauthorized antivirus access and attacks, protecting users from viruses that attempt to disable security measures. 
* Integrated Web-based graphical reporting



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